Our Firm

We established Walrus Partners in 1997 as a Registered Investment Adviser (“RIA”) based in Minneapolis and devoted to the management of equity assets for High Net Worth, Family Office and institutional clients. Our firm has been built on the efforts of our investment professionals who bring extensive experience and specific expertise in the respective market segments that encompass our investment strategies:

Our highly personal approach is meant to elevate the confidence our clients have in achieving their future goals.

Our Investment Philosophy

We search for inefficiencies in markets—situations where the market prices of certain investment securities have deviated from the true discounted value of their future cash flows.

Over short periods of time, prices and values often move apart–driven by emotions in the marketplace. Importantly, experience has taught us that security values and market prices tend to converge over the long term.

At Walrus, we rely on our proprietary investment models to arrive at a 'first impression' of intrinsic value and then further refine our estimate through our independent research and experience.